5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Remodel

Do you like your shower cold or warm? What if we light it up a little bit more? Every design has the right and complementing lighting pattern that goes with it. Various light fixtures help designers to achieve that warm and lovely haven that you would dive into after a long day’s work for a long shower and relax.

May not be the most crucial aspect while designing your shower space or remodeling your bathroom but it sure puts the icing on the cake that completes the desired feel and look. Here are a few bathroom lighting ideas that can jog your imagination as you plan your next project.

1. Set the Mood with a Chandelier

A chandelier will give a bright ray to the entire room and make a great fashion statement. This is most effective when hung in the middle of the room on top of a bath tub which will make every day feel like a special event.

2. Light up the Mirror

3. Elevate Your Vanity

In most cases, bathroom lights sit 75 to 80 inches above the ground while scone fixtures spread 28 to 30 inches apart which allows light to fall on your face with minimum shadows. Lighting points directly under the vanity area casts harsh shadows that are unpleasant. In this case a multi-bulb wall sconce or a track light above the vanity helps make lighting great.

4. Spruce Your Shower and Bathtub Lighting

When the ambient lighting in the bathroom is inadequate, especially on the tub area, it is prudent to add more fixtures for a more elegant experience. This makes the space have a better fee and emphasize on decorative fixtures.

Lights help warm the atmosphere, depending on the size of your bath tub one can experiment with one light fixture or a hanging pendant light above. Always ensure to put lights far from water to avoid electrical accidents. Use wet rated lighting where necessary in areas exposed to moisture.

5. Embrace Night Lights and Dimmers

How about night illumination in the bathroom? You can try a low-level night lighting under cabinet which provides soft illumination for late night bathroom trips.

Vary the lights; dimmers help one control the room’s mood. One can determine light intensity based on task at hand and keep the room calm luxurious, relaxing and homely.

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