How to Vary Switches and Sockets Choices in the Lighting Design

In one interesting article, by Luke Edward Hall, I was startled by the insights he raised on lighting fixtures and fittings in home/office designs. The basic units of most constructions are brick and mortar and without finishing and furnishing which is the icing on the cake we would end up having similar or less engaging real estate projects.

Color, texture, theme, look and feel, materials used, and cost are some of the main determinants of most purchase decisions. How has this evolved in the switches and sockets aspect?

Most people have always viewed electrical accessories as basic materials to facilitate lighting without considering aesthetic values. This may be efficient especially for cables which are often not visible and purchased as per technical guidelines but for the light they are becoming an integral part of interior décor which begs more consideration in the design process.

Switches and Sockets Variations

Among the tiny fixtures that provide a lot in interior design, lighting fixtures like sockets, switches and other visible cables matter a lot in detailing your design.  There are many options to pick from in line top your taste or design varying from Matt black, PowerMax white, wooden cherry, champagne gold, black titanium, brushed steel, brass, VIP gold, VIP silver, among others available at Powermax Electricals showrooms and shops across the country.

There are various varieties of aesthetic switches and sockets in the market currently that will help one blend their home design and theme well with the lighting of choice. As for me, I find the black matt option quite appealing considering the fact that I would prefer to use soft white on the walls. The range of wall brackets and chandeliers to pick from in lighting helps blend in well with selected cabinets, floors, furniture and home design.

Some people paint sockets to look like their walls, some go for powder coating for a smoother finish. There are ready-made options varying from vintage inclined, some with epoxy coated steel versions plus a wide selection of colors for your choice. Not that normal white sockets are really a bad option but a little flexibility in design will help blend your ideas.

Be unique, go for color, invest in good materials.

Above all, the tactile parts of the home we interact with on a daily basis should be a pleasure to come back home to. Powermax Electricals have varieties of lighting solutions to make your lighting design in Kenya a walk in the park. Check them out! Established in 2009, Powermax Electricals runs electrical products production and supply in Kenya.

I can’t say I had foreseen feeling so strongly about a light switch, but I really am in love with the LS 990’

Luke Edward Hall.

Luke Edward, researches and writes on contemporary and antique housing designs and beliefs and he is quite talented in bringing forth his very enlightening findings.

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