5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy for your Homes and Commercial Premises!

The recent rise in fossil energy and electricity costs have made it almost impossible to live without thinking of going green (renewable energy). The rising populations and global commerce imbalances have seen scarcity of these commodities raise costs instantly to the dissatisfaction and cries of the common man on the cost of living.

Innovations and inventions have made life easier through improved mechanization and basic home and commercial work management. But this highly depends on energy which has become the center of most advanced technologies. How then do we cut down on consumption if not through getting alternatives?

Here are a few benefits of using solar energy can be used to substitute main grid electricity:

1. It’s a Truly Renewable Source of Energy

Solar is of the worlds truly renewable source of energy. As long as one’s solar panels see sunlight even a few hours of the day it is a guaranteed viable source of energy. The sun does not stand a chance of getting depleted because of increased use of solar panels.  It has the least carbon energy and scientists estimate that it has at least 5 billion years left of energy.

2. Significantly Reduces Energy Bills

It is affordable given that there are no bills attached to your energy consumption as compared to the national grid tariffs that rise by each passing day. As long as you get your solar equipment and installation from reliable sources, you can fully rely on solar without recurring bills.

Depending on the size of your investment you can save a lot of cash over time since you will be consuming relatively lower energy from the national grid.


3. Cheaper and Automated to Save Energy

Solar products are becoming cheaper as technology advances. Some basic ones are even self- installed and this help save on costs. It is indeed a cheaper option especially with the latest motion sensor appliances and light sensors which automate and help conserve energy.

The future is looking solar bright as most people opt for solar powered options for their homes and businesses.

As we’ve noted in our post about what affects the cost of solar panels, solar PV has become up to 70% cheaper than it was in 2010, making it a more valuable opportunity for businesses than ever!

4. Low Maintenance Costs

It is the most attractive aspect of having solar. Maintenance is by cleaning them a few times a year since they do not have moving parts that may need oiling and greasing. Otherwise with the right equipment and installation, very minimal spending is expected apart from the initial investment leaving your to enjoy your hard work!

Solar energy also makes your business less vulnerable to black out that may affect your business and performance.

5. Reduce Your Impact on The Environment

Want to feel part of Superman? What a better way to save the world than going green and help reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses caused by burning fossil fuels and water pollution to name a few? What’s more, solar panels are completely silent, so they’re highly practical for even the densest of urban areas.

We have a responsibility to humanity to keep the world a better place than we found it. For corporates it may serve as a great CSR tool and can help attract new customers given the sensitivity around conserving the environment.

There are several companies dealing with solar equipment supply and installation in Kenya. You are advised to carefully consider your solar equipment supplier reputation and customer reviews to be able to pick the best in the market. Solar equipment’s need to be handled carefully and installed by experienced technicians especially for commercial or big projects.  Contact Powermax Solar solutions to have a chat with solar power experts who will analyze your solar energy requests and advise accordingly. info@powermaxea.com, 0739990014.

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