Incredible Budget-friendly Pendants and Chandeliers for Lighting your New House

A chandelier may provide visual interest, act as a statement piece, and create a certain vibe in your dining room, foyer, bedroom, or doorway. A home owner and interior designer in Kenya says, “I love [their] romance and whimsy.

A chandelier adds elegance to a room and fills it with the perfect light, whether it has a clean and basic design or stunning crystals. The interior designer says, “Contemporary downlights have a tendency to push light on top of people, which is not our greatest look. Chandeliers are excellent because they dim the illumination and soften the room’s overall appearance.

The designs vary with the number and type of bulbs in the chandelier, size, materials used, the glass or crystals used for something a bit more elegant, or choosing older or vintage and electric material customs to fit your imagination.

There are varieties of lights which can fit in designs of corridors, balconies, entrances, and all major rooms with different light fades like white, warm white and cool day rays.

Chic Homes with Chandeliers and Pendants Lighting

Lighting has always been considered as a basic part of homes construction which is often left to interior designers to spruce up the look of the final designs. For ages, the tradition bulbs, lampshades, tube lights and basic chandeliers were the few options when it came to lighting. But times have changed, Chandeliers and beautiful pendants are no longer a preserve of the high-end buyers and have considerably low costs that most homes can afford.

The use of LED bulbs has also made the power consumption fair since most of these have several bulbs in one light that may scare the middle class in terms of raising electricity bills. It was much easier in design to focus on a lampshade that blends with the house furniture or wall color and attain a unique effect.

Affordable Ranges of Pendants, Brackets and Chandeliers

Chandeliers produce ample light, a focal point in the room, lower perceived ceiling height and ultimately giving a comfier effect to your living room. They also help align the theme of your home especially when working with the custom designed ones.

Their large and elegant size have perhaps been the reason most people stayed away from affordable Chandeliers assuming they are expensive and luxurious. We have cheaper and affordable designs and option in shops across the country that one can consider visiting. Powermax Electricals, for instance, have a large lighting showroom on Thika Rd Exit 12 at Spur Mall 4th floor which is always lit with several affordable chandelier, wall brackets, ceiling lights, solar lights selections among others.

When shopping for Chandeliers in Kenya it is important to have a design in mind, consider budgets allocation, ceiling height, size of your home as well as your power source. Pendants lights are less complicated and come in more affordable options but still have the glamour and elegance for modern homes.

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